Since its inception, the Ministry of Irony has amassed thousands of historical analyses and Ironic forecasts, largely through the work of one man, the Undersecretary of Irony, though as of late an increasing number of them have been contributed by his assistant.

Even so, the sum of these analyses and forecasts is truly miniscule when compared to the totality of historical events whose Ironies have yet to be chronicled, current events whose consequences have yet to be foreseen, and future occurrences that have yet to be anticipated.

The sheer formidableness of the task of adjoining the unchronicled to the unhappened to form an uninterrupted record of the progress of Irony through time has led the Ministry to consider opening up the undertaking to the public on a limited, trial basis.

From time to time at this site, the Ministry will present a subject matter for visitors to analyze, forecast, or provide Ironic insight for.

All contributions should be submitted to the Ministry via the contact form on the particular topic’s page.

Replies to contributions via return e-mail are unlikely, but occasional worthy analyses and promising forecasts may be posted, either excerpted or in full, on this site, always with attribution.

Accurate forecasts will be acknowledged and attributed when their Ironies come to fruition.

It should be noted that an absence of a submission’s posting may not necessarily reflect on the quality of the work, as some forecasts may be withheld due to their remarkable prescience.

Some Tips:

  • Be leery of sarcasm, which seems to frequent those who believe that Irony doesn’t apply to them.
  • If you are having trouble sussing out a particular Irony, turn your thoughts to an Irony with which you are already familiar. When the feeling of Irony is re-aroused, immediately turn your thoughts to the subject given to see if its Irony becomes apparent.
  • Keep in mind that things have a way of not working out, including your worst fears.

The Ministry’s most current subject matter can be found by clicking here.

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